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Dynamos: Dynamically Adaptive Microservice-based OS demo at SC23

The demo of DYNAMOS lets a user make an SQL request on a (synthetic) dataset of university salaries. The request is handled by four microservices on Kubernetes, in a one-time 'job', which is deleted after use.

The demo supports 2 archetypes 'compute to data' and 'data through a trusted third party'. The policy enforcer, configured with JSON files, can determine who has access to the datasets, on which (simulated) data providers, and which archetypes are allowed.

In the demo we can currently show that a request is made, which is executed with a certain archetype. Then the archetype can be adjusted in the contract of the person concerned, and the next request will be executed according to the new archetype.

This system allows us:

  • to experiment with different archetypes in a digital marketplace environment
  • to experiment with 'atomic' micro-services as core components of a digital marketplace environment - Experiment with algorithms that can make choices in the optimal archetype for the current situation
  • to experiment with security components, such as the concept of 'data pods', token authorization flows, secure networks, etc.

The work as presented in this abstract has been done as part of the Dutch Research project ˜Data Logistics for Logistics Data" (DL4LD), supported by the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics TKI Dinalog ( and the Dutch Commit-to-Data initiative ( data/over-commit2data). CIENA is an essential partner providing funding and equipment in DL4LD.

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