SC15: Nov 15-20, Austin, Texas, booth 933 CIENA - 2321 SURF

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SC2015 Technical program presentations & involvement by UvA group members.


  1. Creating a SARNET Allianceby applying the Service Provider Group Framework and using the Ciena/GENI testbed.
  2. MemFS, an elastic in-memory runtime distributed file system.
  3. Creating a SARNET and a Sarnet Alliance using the Ciena/GENI testbed Research projects.
  4. CoCo: Easy Multi-Domain VPN Service.
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"Creating a SARNET Allianceby applying the Service Provider Group Framework and using the Ciena/GENI testbed".

As the volume and complexity of cyber attacks grows, collaborative efforts that share intelligence and defense mechanisms become increasingly feasible. How should such collaborations should be organized, such that new service providers can be trusted when joining the collaboration. The research presented will motivate why Agent Based Modeling of Service Providers Groups is helpful to analyse risk and benefits for service providers that consider joining an alliance that provide Secure Autonomous Response NETworks (SARNET's).

See: slides.

"MemFS, an elastic in-memory runtime distributed file system."

Data-intensive scientific workflows exhibit inter-task dependencies that generate file-based communication schemes. In such scenarios, traditional disk-based storage systems often limit overall application performance and scalability. To overcome the storage bottleneck, in-memory runtime distributed file systems speed up application I/O. Such systems are deployed statically onto a fixed number of compute nodes and act as a distributed, fast I/O cache for the runtime generated data. To address the limitations of static deployment schemes, we present MemFS, an elastic in-memory runtime distributed file system.

"Creating a SARNET Allianceby applying the Service Provider Group Framework and using the Ciena/GENI testbed".

See: slides.

"CoCo: Easy Multi-Domain VPN Service".

On-demand, SDN based connectivity to support BigData applications.

The objective of this CoCo (Community Connect) prototype service is to enable eScience researchers to dynamically create a private and secure virtual network for sharing scientific instruments and data processing and storage facilities without a need for assistance by a network administrator. Such a service is especially important in the context of BigData analysis where data sources are frequently distributed and can be separated form processing units, thus creating need for large data transfers.

When end-users of a research network want to share the services and facilities with their collaboration community in a dynamic way, traditional network virtualization technologies do not offer a feasible solution. Traditional L2VPN and L3VPN services, based on e.g. MPLS-TP, GMPLS, VPLS, PBB, all need manual configuration along with advanced network engineering knowledge and hands-on experience. But nowadays, more and more tools, such as Software Defined Networks become available to infrastructure providers which automate the configuration and management of network resources. CoCo takes this technology a step further and uses it to provide end-users (who are not necessary experts in network engineering) with ability to set up virtual networks on-demand over multiple domains.

See: slides.

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