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Prof. dr. H.E. Bal

Professor Bal has much experience in parallel programming environments, grid computing, and applications. He is adjunct director of the Virtual Laboratories for e-Science (VL-e) project, which includes many research groups with data-intensive e-Science applications. He also is the main coordinator of the DAS-2 and DAS-3 projects.


Dr. ir. C.TH.A.M. de Laat

Cees de Laat is associate professor in the Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam. Current research includes optical/switched networking to optimize Internet transport of massive amounts of data for the Grid, distributed cross organization Authorization architectures and grid Workflow systems. With SURFnet he implements projects in the GigaPort Research on Networks area. He collaborates in the NSF - OptIPuter project. He serves as Grid Forum Steering Group (GFSG) Infrastructure Area Director and IETF Liaison. He is co-founder and organizer of several of the past meetings of the Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF). H.J. Bos

The research interests of Dr. Bos include high-speed networks (including network monitoring), security (e.g., worm detection), and management. He was part of the switchlets/Tempest team in Cambridge that allows operators to partition ATM networks so that multiple virtual networks can be active simultaneously on the same physical network. He participates in several large European projects (SCAMPI, LOBSTER, NOAH) and heads the NWO/STW DeWorm project.


Dr. Paola Grosso

Dr. Grosso is a member of the SNE (System and Network Engineering) group of the University of Amsterdam since 2004. She is leading the group effort in the fields of optical networking and her current research interests are lightpath provisioning and resource scheduling, and network monitoring infrastructures.


Dr. Jason Maassen

Dr. Maassen is a Postdoc in Computer Systems group at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. His current research is part of the Starplane Project and deals with figuring out how grid applications can benefit from using a reconfigurable photonic network. In a reconfigurable photonic network, an application is able to set up one or more dedicated end-to-end lightpaths, potentially providing it hundreds of Gbit/s of aggregate bandwidth. Using lightpaths, applications may allocate networks much like they allocate memory.


Jan-Phillip Velders

JP Velders is the system programmer and administrator of StarPlane project.


Drs. Li XU

Drs. XU is a Ph.D student of UvA working on StarPlane project.


Drs. Kees Verstoep

Kees Verstoep is a research programmer in the Computer Systems group of the Vrije Universiteit. He has much experience in cluster- and grid computing as well as high performance networking. During the last 10 years he has also been responsible for coordinating the system adminstration of three generations of DAS systems in the Netherlands.

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