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This is a facillity to exchange and post documents which are not yet final. These give an idea of work in progress. Mail me (CdL) doc's or links and I will make them accessible.
These docs are under construction, please do not copy from or refer to them without first consulting the author(s)

Topic(s) (click on topic for more info) Author(s) drafts Date
1 Structure of a Generic AAA Server Cees de Laat, John Vollbrecht, David Spence,Arie Taal generic-structure-00.txt 2-feb-01
2 Authentication Framework, GAAAPI, bindings, cookies Joe Salowey, Standish Stewart, John Vollbrecht, Eric Brunner

3 AAA terminology Joe Salowey, Guus Sliepen, D. Spence, A Taal 
John Schnizlein
4 Interdomain accounting: Business Model, Actors, Use Cases and Scenario Contributions Bharat Bhushan et al AAA-arch-contrib.pdf 24-oct-00
5 AAA position paper Betty de Bruijn, Leon Gommans, Henk Jonkers aaa_context.doc
6 Model/simulation,  formal model Arie Taal, Guus Sliepen, Armijn Hemel, Dave Spence

7 A grammar for Policies in a Generic AAA Environment Guus Sliepen, Arie Taal, Cees de Laat see drafts section
8 Auditing, session-id, relating the A's together (from point of view of accounting) Georg Carle, Tanja Zseby, Sebastian Zander, John Vollbrecht irtf-aaaarch-session-id-00.txt 23-feb-01
9 AAA for SIP, Authorization examples, example of complex application using all this Henry Sinnreich, Theodore Havinis

10 Issues relevant to AAA protocol Dave Spence, Arie Taal, Cees de Laat draft-spence-aaaarch-objmsg-00.txt
11 AAA Security Kaushik Narayan kaushik-radius-sec-ext-04.txt 23-oct-00
12 Policy accross Organizations, SLS,  SLA

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