C3.163 IvI Teleconference <https://zoom.sne-lab.nl>

Step by step guide to join a meeting from this station:

  1. There are two ways the setup can be connected to a screen:
    1. using the beamer setup: check that the hdmi cable from the beamer setup is connected to the macmini in the setup. If not, carefully without disconnecting anything else plug in the extended hdmi cable in the macmini. Turn on the beamer setup on the table.
    2. using the monitor: check that the hdmi cable of the monitor is in the macmini, if not carefully connect that one. Turn on the TV using the off/on button on the back side of the TV (bottom right seen from front), note, it takes a few seconds before the tv shows activity, be patient.
  2. Using keyboard log in the MacMini computer, username/password: ask or look around...
  3. If you will be the host, first set up the meeting from your laptop. That gives you the best control over the meeting and avoids having to enroll the teleconference station computer in a particular teleconference environment with your username and password. The easiest is to make the setup a participant or guest.
  4. Mute your laptop's microphone and speaker as you will use the display and setup microphone.
  5. There are several teleconference application icons on the desktop, select the one you need to joint in the meeting.
  6. Turn on if necessary the microphone (Blue Yeti), and turn off when privacy needed.
  7. Sound out is the LG display (HDMI (LG TV)). Volume also on the back of the screen above the off/on button.
  8. The video stream comes from the camera (PTZ pro 2), when the camera is activated, it moves from a resting position into pointing towards the table.
  9. Make sure in the zoom app to select the correct:
  10. You can play with the settings of the camera using the Camera Settings app on the desktop.  Select the Widescreen setting in that app to switch the camera to a more zoomed our screen format. You can pan/tilt/zoom using the remote control in the room or play with the buttons in this app.
  11. If you need to transfer a long url or other complex log in information to the macmini in order to join a meeting, one way is to use Apple's AirDrop functionality. In the finder on the macmini under Go menu select AirDrop and in the resulting window make sure that "Allow me to be discovered by: Everyone" is selected. Then on the sending Apple system your (iPad, iPhone, Laptop) also go to the AirDrop window and drop the info/url/ etc. on the icon representing the zoom station. It will then show op on the zoom station and in some cases even immediately in the correct application.
  12. Enjoy!

For help or more info: Mark Wijzenbroek, tel 2525.