SARNET Final Workshop: Secure Autonomous Response Networks.

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2019-06-21 UvA, Science Park Amsterdam, 12h45 - 17h30.

Dear participant,

With this email, you receive the final information for the SARNET closing event on Friday June 21 from 12:45 till 17:00 at the Start-up Village, Amsterdam Science Park. During this event, the final results of the SARNET project will be presented and we will reflect on the results with experts in the field.

About SARNET: the project investigates how threat detection and automated, adaptive, protection concepts  can benefit from software defined infrastructure technologies (e.g. SDN / NFV). Part of this research considers what it would need to organize a SARNET as an alliance of collaborating service providers and enterprise networks.


Welcome reception
13:00 slides Welcome by Leon Gommans & Cees de Laat: SARNET: Secure Autonomous Response Networks."
13:15 slides Ameneh Deljoo: "SARNET Alliance."
13:45 slides Ralph Koning: "Automated security using SARNET."
13:15 slides Gleb Polevoy: "Tactical Level in SARNET - Overview and Transitions between Equilibria/"
15:15 slides Kees Nieuwenhuis (Thales): "About our interest in SARNET."
15:25 slides Rodney Wilson (Ciena): "SARnet Impact - Ciena perspective."
Tako Huisman (KLM): "Perspective from AF-KLM on SARNET"
Panel: Kees Nieuwenhuis (Thales), Rodney Wilson (CIENA), Tako Huisman (KLM), moderated by Cees de Laat on "What is the impact of the results of SARNET on the cyber security aspects in industry?"
16:00 slides
Closing keynote presentation -  Jaya Baloo, CISO KPN: "Dutch Continuity Board: Protecting The Netherlands against DDoS attacks"
Network & Drinks
17:30 ________
End programme
Start-up Village
Science Park 608
1098 XH Amsterdam

Information:  Esther Smit via esthersmit@uva.nl or 06- 462 976 08.