EDISON H2020 project awarded to the SNE lab in the Informatics Institute.


21 May 2015

Yuri Demchenko from the System and Network Engineering group in the Informatics Institute has been awarded a project within the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission. The EDISON project (Education for Data Intensive Science to Open New science frontiers) has a total budget of €2.5 million, of which €555,000 has been allocated to the Informatics Institute as coordinating partner.
The EDISON project pursues the establishment of data science as a new profession in support of developments and needs regards e-infrastructure. The consortium consists of thee universities, two research institutes and two companies, from Spain, Italy, Germany the UK, Norway and The Netherlands. Within the project a curriculum for data science will be developed.

The particular aims are:
  • To develop a sustainable education model for data science and data intensive technologies;
  • To propose a framework and an ICT environment for re-skilling and certifying data scientists’ expertise for graduates, practitioners and researchers throughout their careers;
  • To facilitate data science curricula by increasing the number of universities and professional training organisations where such education is offered.