2012 - IPv6 Challenge: Win an Android Gadget!


2nd prize!

medium android

1th prize!

big android

3th prize!

small android


These prizes are kindly sponsored by BudgetPhone.nl



The organizing committee of the IPv6 Day event at the Science Park Amsterdam challenges everyone (not only students!) to come up with novel demonstrations of the use of IPv6. Your demonstration can include servers, clients, monitoring, novel applications, novel tooling, visualization, IPv6 for real dummies, whatever you can come up with. Your contribution must be demonstrated on the infrastructure at the SNE laboratory on IPv6 day.

An independent jury will go over the challenge contributions and visit them during the morning of IPv6 Day. The jury consists of Olaf Kolkman (NLnet Labs), Roland van Rijswijk (SURFnet) and Daniel Karrenberg (RIPE),  and chaired by Cees de Laat (UvA).

The winners will be announced in the plenary session in the afternoon, where they will pitch their idea and implementation.

Some rules:

  • you must submit a brief description of your IPv6 demonstration no later than 10h00 CEST on June 6th to ipv6day@list.uva.nl
  • we recommend you submit your preliminary plans as soon as possible, so we can contact you to arrange everything
  • you must be present at the plenary and prepared to present a 2 minute pitch on your submission if you win a prize
  • your submission must be accessible/demonstrated the entire IPv6 day (we will help you out here)
  • there will be 3 prizes to win: a big android gadget, a medium android gadget and a small android gadget.
    • (we deliberately avoided typical prizes from vendor(s) that (recently) decreased support for ipv6)
  • the jury has the right to not to award some prizes if no worthy submissions were made
  • the jury and the organizing committee are excluded from participation

The Submissions:

We received 6 submissions:

  • Dreas van Donselaar, SpamExperts: ipv6whitelist.eu implementation and usage
  • Stefan Plug, AMS-IX: RFC 5549 report
  • Lorenzo Mangani, Homer Project: IPv6 capable SIP capture and monitoring
  • Rudolf Strijkers, UvA: virtuele IPv6 tunnel broker
  • Juerd Waalboer, TNX: http://ip6.nl/location/
  • Rick van Rein, OpenFortress: SIPv4/v6

The winners:

First prize


Stefan Plug

Second prize


Juerd Waalboer

Third prize


Rick van Rein


  • Cees de Laat, <delaat@uva.nl>, tel: +31 20 525 7590, room: C.3.151.
  • Niel Sijm, <niels.sijm@os3.nl>, for access to network or infrastructure before or on June 6th.

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