Interim meeting Utrecht, jan 29 & 30, 2001


Reach consensus on the drafts for submission.


meeting starts no earlier than 29 jan 2001, 09h00
meeting ends no later than     30 jan 2001, 16h00

- introduction and agenda bashing and fnt, Cees

Due to the limited number of people attending I propose to make this really a workshop by reading, correcting writing coming together cycly.




Here are the logistics for the Utrecht meeting,

The meeting will be in one of the meeting rooms of our group in the University of Utrecht.

Minnaert Building room 301
Leuvenlaan 4

For logistic reasons: I propose that you do the logistics in Amsterdam and the SLS event (and or RIPE NCC event) with the organizers over there. Our secretary can (try to) book a hotel for you in Utrecht for the AAAARCH workshop. I recommend against staying in a hotel in Amsterdam and using train etc.. to travel the two days to Utrecht.  You get caught in heavy traffic, also on the trains. It will take you an hour, while a hotel in Utrecht about 15 minutes.

Recommended hotel:

Hotel Ouwi
FC Dondersstraat 12
3572 JH Utrecht
Tel. +3130 271 6303
Fax  +3130 271 4619

A late arrival will be no problem. You only have to ring the bell at the front door!
On previous ocasions the price for a room was fl_148,-  which is about $ 57,-  including breakfest.
Inform yourself to the actual price when booking. Our secretary can make the bookings for you:
So if you wish us to book the hotel in Utrecht for you, mail our secretary <> and/or me which nights and who.

Some directional info:

List of participants

Cees de Laat
Arie Taal
Guus Sliepen
Armijn Hemel
Tanja Zseby
Dave Spence
Sebastian Zander
Henk Jonkers
Glen Zorn
Leon Gommans (only tuesday)
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