AAAARCH meeting aug 2th 2000 at the IETF in Pittsburg, USA

Reading the relevant RFC 2014 with code of conduct for co-chairs as we formally call for a RG-meeting at the IETF in Pittsburg, Australia on wednesday aug 2'th starting 1530-1730 in South Room 6/8. The meeting is open to everybody.


CHAIRS: Cees de Laat <> (excused)
        John Vollbrecht <>

John Vollbrecht                5 : Agenda bashing, FNT and opening remarks
Vollbrecht, Farrell, Salowey  20 : authentication framework
TBA                           15 : presentation on policy
Henry Sinnreich               10 : SIP
Theodore Havinis              15 : SIP
Georg Carle                    7 : Accounting Issues
Tanja Zseby                    8 : Examples for policy-based Accounting
                                   in AAA Framework
Nevil Brownlee                 5 : update on session ID thinking
Bob Morgan                    15 : Middleware, I2 and AAA
John Vollbrecht               15 : discussion of direction and
                                    structure of future work
John Vollbrecht                5 : General concluding remarks, collect
                                    blue sheets, recognizable by green color

P.S. FNT = Find Note Taker

Information about the RG can be found on the IRTF web pages and:

In order to sit in the front two rows people are required to read the
four drafts relevant to this RG available on the above mentioned web
page and to brouwse through the mail archive of the mailing list of
this group at:

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