Meeting 50th IETF Minneapolis, march 2001

Reading the relevant RFC 2014 with code of conduct for co-chairs as we formally call for a RG-meeting at the IETF in Minneapolis, USA on Thursday march
22'th starting 13h00 ending 15h00 in SALON G. The meeting is open to everybody. We will continue the meeting in the evening 20h00, place to be announced.
See also ietf agenda.


CHAIRS: Cees de Laat <>
        John Vollbrecht <>

Cees de Laat          10 1300: Agenda bashing, FNT and opening remarks
Cees de Laat          10 1310: draft: draft-irtf-aaaarch-generic-struct-00.txt
John Vollbrecht       10 1320: draft: draft-irtf-aaaarch-session-id-00.txt
Sebastian Zander      10 1330: draft: draft-irtf-aaaarch-pol-acct-02.txt
Guus Sliepen          10 1340: draft: draft-irtf-aaaarch-aaa-pol-01.txt
Guus Sliepen          10 1350: draft: draft-taal-aaaarch-generic-pol-01.txt
Steven Tuecke         15 1400: security in the grid, overview
Bob Morgan            10 1415: Shibboleth update:
Bob Morgan            10 1425: OASIS security-services TC:
John Vollbrecht       10 1435: security issues
Henk Jonkers          10 1445: Accounting Examples
chairs                 5 1455: closing remarks, next steps, summary, collect pink sheets

P.S. FNT = Find Note Taker

Information about the RG can be found on the IRTF web pages and:

In order to sit in the front two rows people are required to read the drafts relevant to this RG available on the above mentioned web page and to brouwse through the mail archive of the mailing list of this group at:
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