AAAARCH meeting jan 24th 2000 at MERIT, Ann Arbor, USA

Minutes made by: David W. Spence                                email:

             AAA Architecture (AAAarch) Research Group Meeting
                          Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.
                              January 24, 2000

The meeting began at 1:00 p.m. EST.  The following people attended:

   Cees de Laat
   John Vollbrecht
   Leon Gommans
   Tanja Zseby
   David Mitton
   Moritz Kulbach
   Jorg Heuer
   Jack DiGiuseppe
   David Belenky
   David Spence

The following participated by telephone conference:

   Gopal Iyengar
   Nevil Brownlee
   Stephen Farrell

1. Welcome

2. Find a minutes-taker

3. Agenda bashing

4. RG - IRTF and AAAARCH procedures/policy (RFC 2014)
   chairs members of IRSG
   web site hosting

   We expect to complete our work over a period of about one year.  We
   obtained IAB approval just before Christmas.

5. Chair activities

   Cees de Laat discussed the agenda for a meeting he and John
   Vollbrecht will be having with Erik Huizer, chair of the IRTF on
   Monday January 31.  Topics to be discussed include:

      RFC - policy
      Adelaide meeting
      mechanics IRTF
      relation AAA - RG
      getting help in specialties

   AAA meeting report - John Vollbrecht

      John Vollbrecht reported on the interim meeting of the AAA Working
      Group that took place January 20-21 in San Jose, California,

6. State of the 4 drafts and discuss what to extend, freeze and so on

   We will adopt the four drafts prepared by the authorization subgroup
   of the AAA WG.  We will seek to publish the first three as
   informational RFCs.  We will go through a research group last call

7. Work list of the rg and who is contributing what

   1.  Accounting Model

      Tanja Zseby (GMD) is interested in developing an accounting model
      with examples for policy-based accounting.

   2. Message Sequences

      Tanja Zseby would like to work accounting into the message
      sequences for each of the different models.  Nevil Brownlee will
      collaborate.  We need to add authentication as well.

   3. Security Framework for Distributed Authorization

      Look at SET, PKI, attribute certificates.  Consider each model
      (pull, agent, and push).  John Vollbrecht will work on this.

   4. Develop framework for mesh of interconnected AAA servers.

      David Spence will work on this.

   5. Describe interdomain issues using generic model.

   6. Work with AAA WG to align long term work with short term work.

   7. Interface to policy WG regarding use of policy in AAA.

      Gopal Iyengar will work on this.

   8. Develop a simulation model.

      Leon Gommans will work on this.

   9. Data representation

   10. Auditing requirements

8. Adelaide issues
      what to present
      do we want a RG meeting

   We will ask for a room of capacity 40 for a RG meeting in Adelaide.

   We will also report to the AAA WG on the status of our work.

9. Ongoing work

   Simulation/emulation - Leon Gommans

      Leon Gommans reported on his work on a simulation model for a
      generic distributed authorization mechanism to be used within a
      generic AAA environment.

      Leon has contributed an MS Word document entitled, "Generic
      Authorization Simulation activity plan" and a Powerpoint slide
      entitled, "Simple Generic AAA Simulation Model Architecture".  These
      are attached to his email of 1/5/2000 with subject of "Simulation
      model idea's" that was sent to the AAAarch mailing list.

   Accounting in AAAarch - Tanja Zseby

      Tanja Zseby reported on GMD's work in developing an accounting model
      for AAA.

   Policy protocol Sequences - David Spence

      David Spence presented some preliminary ideas toward a framework to
      support generic AAA applications implemented across a mesh of
      interconnected AAA servers with policy everywhere.

10. Next Meeting

   We will hold a telephone conference on Friday February 11, 2000, at 16:00
   UTC (11:00 EST).  A phone number will be emailed to the AAAarch mailing

David W. Spence                                email:
Senior Systems Research Programmer             phone: (734) 615-2630
Merit Network, Inc.                            fax:   (734) 647-3745
4151 Plymouth Road, Suite C
Ann Arbor MI 48105-2785
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