Interim meeting Dublin, june 26 & 27


As one of the chairs I will try to push, pull, suffer, steer, follow, lead, ... the group to results. It is my belief that in the interim meeting we should do the opposite of what we did in the extremely time constrained session at the IETF. In Adelaide we concentrated on small condensed information loaden talks to inform us from activities happening outside the RG and vice versa. This time we should spend a lot of time interactively discussing about (at the most) 6 current research topics and their place in the overal architecture or adaption of "the" architecture. So, I would propose that nobody prepares sleeky slides but at best present current status of the work and put forward discussion topics and questions, such that we have the face to face discussions which otherwise happen in the teleconferences.


meeting starts no earlier than 26 june 2000, 13h00
meeting ends no later than     27 june 2000, 16h00

somewhere in the middle of the above mentioned meeting we will eat something, check out Dublin beer, have some sleep and a breakfest.

- introduction and agenda bashing and fnt, Cees

- status drafts, brief framework setting, Cees
- accounting model development in relation to generic architecture (SEE DRAFT) , Tanja, Sebastian
- SIP (SEE DRAFT), John, Leon
- Certificates and trust, security, Joe Salowey, Stephen Farrell, Betty
- Authentication relationship with the other A's, Cees, Stephen
- Authentication: what is identity? Scalable or fuzzy identities, Cees
- simulation, progress, what do we want to learn, Leon, Arie, Arjan
- session identification (the need for layered modelling?) , Leon, Neville - remotely/mail?
- Formal model, Arie Taal.
- Data structures, protocol mapping, radius to diameter to cops, Dave Spence
- management and auditing
- inter kingdom relations and consequences for generic model, Cees

- RG reaction to AAA-WG protocol discussions in light of the AAA-WG discussion,
  do we think of backward compatibillity organisational stuff: IETF meeting,
  other meetings, drafts to produce, ... Cees


  • the more pretty word document: draft-sinnreich-interd-sip.doc
  • draft-aaaarch-pol-acct-00.txt
  • logistics

    Here are the logistics for the Dublin meeting, June 26th/27th. I need confirmations of who and when for the hotel. Please send these to and cc me. The current
    list is at the end - please fill in the missing information. If you're not on the list, please send the information soon as otherwise you'll end up in another hotel.

    We've arranged a block booking of 12 rooms in:

    Isaacs Hotel Dublin (,
    Store Street,
    Dublin, 1.
    Tel: +353-1-855 0067
    Fax: +353-1-836 5390

    From the airport you can either get a taxi (about IR£15)
    or a bus (ask at the airport), that stops at the main
    bus station ("busaras", pronounced bus-are-as) just
    accross from the hotel. The bus will be about IR£4
    os so, I guess.

    The meeting will be in our main Dublin office
    (unless we get too big for the room):

    Baltimore Technologies,
    IFSC House,
    International Financial Services Centre,
    Custom House Quay,
    Dublin 1.
    Tel: +353-1-605 4399.
    Fax: +353-1-605 4388.

    Which is a 2 minute walk from the hotel (they can
    direct you if necessary).

    Caes and/or John will send an agenda later. We will
    start on Monday morning at 11am (some folks are
    arriving Monday) and finish Tuesday at 4pm, which is
    time enough to catch a 6pm flight.

    For more information please contact Stephen Farrell <>.

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