Authentication Authorisation Accounting ARCHitecture
Research Group (AAAARCH)

Chairs: John Vollbrecht and Cees de Laat
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A number of Internet Services require Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Audit Support. The ietf AAA Working Group is chartered with defining short term requirements for a protocol that will support such services for NASREQ and MobileIP. The work of the ietf AAA group has shown that there are a number of areas where an AAA architecture would be helpful.

This RG will work to define a next generation AAA architecture that incorporates a set of interconnected "generic" AAA servers and an application interface that allows Application Specific Modules access to AAA functions.

The architecture's focus is to support AAA services that:

This activity grows from the work of the authorization team of the ietf AAA Working Group.  The authorization team has proposed an "AAA Authorization Framework" [2] illustrated with numerous application examples [3] which in turn motivates a proposed list of authorization requirements [4].  This RG will build on the Authorization framework presented in [2] and the "generic" AAA Authorization Architecture presented in [5].  It will also draw on the work of the Policy Framework Working Group as well as security and accounting working groups. It will also work to provide a reasonable transition from existing AAA protocols and from any "interim" protocol approved by the AAA working group.

This group will coordinate closely with the AAA-WG and will report in each IETF AAA-WG meeting.

Goals and Milestones:

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  Original: CdL - dec 10th 1999
  Revised : CdL - may 30th 2001