Interim meeting Berlin, September 28 & 29


As discussed today in the teleconference we should proceed with organizing a meeting in Berlin. The discussed topics will depend on the participants so I would like to know who want to come. However the chairs fully recognize that we should avoid an overload on meetings (they cost a good part of a week), so do not feel urged to go there.

- In the Berlin meeting we from Utrecht want to take the opportunety to learn more on the GMD work.
- Secondly we want to present our modelling and simulation ideas and discuss that deeply to be able to relate or include the accounting stuff in there.


meeting starts no earlier than 28 sept 2000, 09h00
meeting ends no later than     29 sept 2000, 16h00

- agenda bashing, fnt, introduction             Cees de Laat, John Vollbrecht
- modelling, specification, simulation          Arie Taal, Arjan van der Veght
- AAA@Ericsson                                  Rogier Visser, Wim Nouwens
- accounting draft                              Tanja Zseby, Georg Carle, Sebastian Zander
- auditing, accounting in the overall framework John Vollbrecht
- accounting&charging@TI                        Henk Jonkers

- hard questions, identify research topics 1h45'  John Vollbrecht
- AAA Context 30'                               Betty de Bruijn, Leon Gommans
- pol based doc reading 15'                     Shuichi Tashiro
- use case for one of Leon's examples
- documents, web, mechanics                     Cees de Laat, John Vollbrecht
- next steps, plenary@ietf, recharter in spring John Vollbrecht, Cees de Laat
- closing remarks                               Cees de Laat, John Vollbrecht

Somewhere in the middle of the above mentioned meeting we did eat something, check out Berlin beer for those who can stand it, have some sleep and a breakfest.

Participants list (updated sept 29th)

  1. Cees de Laat           UU
  2. Georg Carle            fokus.gmd
  3. Tanja Zseby            fokus.gmd
  4. Sebastian Zander       fokus.gmd
  5. Arie Taal              UU
  6. Arjan van der Veght    UU
  7. Guus Sliepen           UU
  8. Leon Gommans           Enterasys
  9. John Vollbrecht        Interlinknetworks
  10. Rogier Visser          Ericsson
  11. Wim Nouwens            Ericsson
  12. Henk Jonkers           Telematics Institute Enschede
  13. Shuichi Tashiro        Univ Tsukuba, Japan
  14. Glen Zorn              CISCO
  15. Axel Nennker 
  16. Jörg Heuer   
  17. Moritz Kulbach
  18. Frank Seide  
  19. Wolfgang Steigerwald
  20. Shigeru MIYAKE         Hitachi America


Please find the invitation from Georg here:

Dear all,

as promised in today's telephone conference, I (re)send you some details  on our proposal for having an AAAArch Interim Meeting in Berlin on 28 and 29 September.

One argument for these dates is that on 25-27 September, we host the workshop 'Quality of future Internet Services' (QofIS2000) of the European COST263 action. In addition to the technical program on September 25 and 26, the workshop will have on 27 September a mini track on Internet Charging.

Having an AAAARCH Interim meeting in the same week appears to be attractive to me as the workshop might bring interesting people to the AAAARCH Interim meeting, and as the workshop (featuring, among others, a keynote of Fred Baker) might be of interest to people participating at the Interim AAAARCH meeting.

You find the preliminary program under:
(for more information on the workshop, see , and

Best regards,



Logistic Information for AAAARCH Interim Meeting on Thursday 28 September and Friday 28 September in Berlin at GMD FOKUS
(Meeting room: 6th Floor, Room 6009) (N 52°31'36.25", E 13°18'41.25")

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GMD FOKUS   Tel.:  +49-30 3463 7149
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D-10589 Berlin, Germany

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