AAAARCH meeting mar 30th 2000 at the IETF in Adelaide, Australia

Reading the relevant RFC 2014 with code of conduct for co-chairs as we formally call for a RG-meeting at the IETF in Adelaide, Australia on thursday mar 30'th starting 13h00 room 8&9. The meeting is open to everybody.


CHAIRS: Cees de Laat <>
        John Vollbrecht <>

Cees de Laat/John Vollbrecht   10 : Agenda bashing, FNT and opening remarks

Shai Herzog                    10 : policy push across domains
Henry Sinnreich                10 : interdomain SIP
Tanja Zseby                    10 : accounting
John Vollbrecht                10 : attribute certificates and  authorization
Dave Spence                    10 : Data stucture considerations
Nevil Brownlee                 10 : Session id thoughs
Nitsan Elfassy                 10 : existing policy management architectures
Shuichi Tashiro                10 : AAA for document delivery
Bert-Jan van Beijnum           10 : reverse charging

Discussion space               10 : unforseen discussion time

Cees de Laat/John Vollbrecht   10 : General concluding remarks, collect blue
                                    sheets, recognizable from the green color

P.S. FNT = Find Note Taker

Information about the RG can be found on the IRTF web pages and:

In order to sit in the front two rows people are required to read the
four drafts relevant to this RG available on the above mentioned web
page and to brouwse through the mail archive of the mailing list of
this group at:

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